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Welcome to Coach’s page. I am retired to devote my time to writing God-centered Southern Fiction stories and devotional blogs. My cozy mystery series surrounding Shiloh, a fictional small South Georgia town with colorful characters targets a broad audience, but I believe God smiles no matter the spiritual walk of the reader.

Feel free to share or request pdf copies of archived daily devotions I have posted since 2008.

For more information on Sanctuary or Testament, the first two installments of the Shiloh stories, see the separate page links, or go to my Facebook author page:


God Bless all who visit. Please feel free to leave a comment or email directly.

Coach Brown

email: tmcabrown@gmail.com

Premier novel in the Shiloh Saga series of stories, March 2017.

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  1. My arrogance led me to believe that not everyone is our friend. Freud may be what I got out of a contract over people hiding behind the Christian banner–So if they were people in Christ and if they offered me a film option, then I had to explain to my entertainment lawyer son–These people will not take from me. I do not know how they divided up the spoils, and I already know they’ve had some other, “Sucker List,” to him they good add a book as their contract and in my case–Someone with some knowledge of Los Angeles and film. About the time my option was up, I got a note that the very good looking, “Producer,” had started a dating service–But, “Producer,” is the title he goes by. Folks I’ve learned that unless they are giving you a reasonable amount of money to get started, then it is a rouse. Amazon starts out in most cases with 120,000–That is for contracting your book, turning it over to their writers and it would be irresponsible for you to endeavor to demand they stick to your plot line–And we’ve discussed book agents are only in New York and they are for the denizens of the book world. An entertainment lawyer is mandatory. “Pinkhoneysuckle,” is for a certain kind of reader–Appalachian Anguish which took over in the 1950s. I loved your, “Jesse,” and the decent man you are. Be on guard–Pass the word on.

  2. Coach says:

    My dear friend Barbara. I am so sorry that you experienced the seedy side of the business. As I have traveled along this journey I have found there are many wolves preying on the dreams of the masses of people working hard in their creative endeavors. They draw upon the innate desire that lies within us all to succeed. The advice I can offer is this: never connect with anyone who demands money up front – your creative talent is your currency. Always look into the person or agency’s history and background and affiliations. There is regulations for legitimate agencies and their agents. Finally, never be in a hurry and allow God to direct your story’s path to the right people. When we get ahead of Him we usually end up frustrated and angry not as much at the people who duped us but at ourselves for rushing blindly. Thankfully for me, money is not the goal of my writing, and I have learned to be patient in the process. For me the journey so far has been worthwhile and if at the end I decide to take the MS to the printer and bind the story into copies for my family, then I am pleased. But, I believe the feedback and encouragement received says forge on and seek to get the story and the sequel written because it is publish-worthy. So I am content to pursue that goal as a measure of appreciation for the value of the story, which according to some qualified feedback will gain the title of “Sanctuary” for the first story, and we still have tagged the second as “Dixie” or “Banshee” (titles are the last consideration in the process). God bless and keep on keeping on with both eyes open. Coach

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