What is the CHURCH?



The disconnect has caused the division we see in the world today.

I believe we cling to hard to what we believe is church. We fight for what we hold church is, not what Christ had intended. Church is not bricks, mortar, stones or wood of glorious buildings. Church is God’s people living out the one another commands. Church was never intended to be a fortress on a hill that needed defending. It was never meant to define theology, traditions and rituals. Sadly, men and women have fought one another to take ownership and control of what they can never create or control.

Whenever one Christian embraces another Christian in fellowship, church happens – nothing more, nothing less defines church. Membership is never to be defined by men but by Christ alone.

It was over three hundred years after Peter, John, and the other Apostles began reaching out to fellow believers before a “Church Building” was constructed by a Roman aristocrat. Jewish heritage brought hierarchy into the early church and Romans brought authority and power into the church. Soon buildings needed money to be built and to be maintained. People needed to be hired to serve as leaders and maintain the “CHURCH” – rules, regulations and rituals quickly followed. Dissension among the leaders caused division and denominations; even more CHURCHES were then built and each CHURCH then struggled to justify itself as being founded by the truth which became their RELIGION, supposedly with God’s blessing. Is that the “church” that Jesus discussed with Peter on the Judean plains? The Greek word from which church comes is Ekklesia and it merely means the calling out of believers to connect with one another; not a building or the organization.

Why have we traveled so far from what was the intent of church (ekklesia)? We clearly are by no means “one body, one spirit, one baptism, one Lord” anymore. Sadly, the oneness idea has been stepped upon by the selfishness of the members fighting daily for the control of their church and their desire to define what is right in their eyes. (Judges 21:25)

Just speaking out loud the sadness I have in my heart for how divided the “body of Christ” has become.

5 thoughts on “What is the CHURCH?”

  1. Thanks Dave… There is much we can agree to be true. I would like to share more with you. Coach

  2. Excellent, really beautiful .Truth is beauty, beauty is the truth.
    Begin to write .Exchange more intimately.Jesus’ purpose is revealed .
    Let us help one another.

  3. Hello Coach,
    Thanks so much for your writings, for they are thoughtful, learned devotion to the church. I hope that all who read will know that wonderful books are on their way from Mike Brown, and we all must be aware that cheap book printers are popping up as we see on TV while you and I and so many searched deeply to find publishing before it was just something to sell. Of course we wish to sell our books, but companies such as we worked with made us work in a structured and caring manner. I hope this will help others not to get caught up in the television book mill.//Lastly, because of its popularity–I do not tweet, and please fellow writers continue to make Facebook, Linked In, and any of your book circles your first stop for learning much which you may. // In no way do I make this response because of Mr. Trump, and in his years in office, among my prayers is that he will stop the President’s press conferences which allows the press to bring our Presidents to need to be fans of media. Every President should answer the questions honestly, and if they do not know an answer, to tell the reporters that other issues are taking president at the moment, for we have made our country’s leaders fodder for Saturday Night Live.// No, the President is not a King, but showing respect and not bringing news in to the nightly free for alls on CNN seems in appropriate, and I beg that I hurt no feelings in bringing this up, for they are not the only station connected to, “News,” who changed from news to talk shows and what they personally think or take back to networks making fans or hated people out of whomever is elected, “President.”// I fear that bringing Russia’s interference is still another scream to change the results of this election–And Brothers and Sisters, I humbly ask all of us to be aware of what is going on in that regard. Church people are labeled as, “Rednecks,” who voted for Trump, and there is a fear that churched people drove this election–And each day between now and the 20th of January–Money and power are still going to be moved in with hopes until the last hour of the last day that American voters had something to say. I’m not saying for whom I voted, but I hoped for a write in campaign for Mr. Romney, and I can only beg each of us to take care of one another–For we are in a troubled time. Bless the Christian community from the large steeple to the last two members holding a church become unable to come together.

    Thank you very much, Coach as always. Barbara

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