God is… Job 38:1-38

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Title: God is…

Text: Job 38:1-38

(Job was a very good father, husband, and certainly a man of God. The Devil was given permission by God to cause a lot of sadness and trouble in Job’s life, but he was not allowed to kill Job. The Devil thought he could get Job to turn away from God in the midst of the storms that the Devil would bring to his life…However just as Job was questioning God about the storms in his life…read the rest of the story)

And now, finally, God answered Job from the eye of a violent storm.

He said: “Why do you confuse the issue? Why do you talk without knowing what you’re talking about?

Pull yourself together, Job! Up on your feet! Stand tall!

I have some questions for you,and I want some straight answers.

Where were you when I created the earth?

Tell me, since you know so much! Who decided on its size? Certainly you’ll know that!

Who came up with the blueprints and measurements? How was its foundation poured, and who set the cornerstone, while the morning stars sang in chorus and all the angels shouted praise?

And who took charge of the ocean when it gushed forth like a baby from the womb?

That was me! I wrapped it in soft clouds, and tucked it in safely at night. Then I made a playpen for it, a strong playpen so it couldn’t run loose, and said, ‘Stay here, this is your place. Your wild tantrums are confined to this place.’

“And have you ever ordered Morning, ‘Get up! ‘told Dawn, ‘Get to work!’ So you could seize Earth like a blanket and shake out the wicked like cockroaches?

As the sun brings everything to light, brings out all the colors and shapes, the cover of darkness is snatched from the wicked—they’re caught in the very act!

“Have you ever gotten to the true bottom of things, explored the labyrinthine (vast corridors of) caves of deep ocean?

Do you know the first thing about death? Do you have one clue regarding death’s dark mysteries?

And do you have any idea how large this earth is?

Speak up if you have even the beginning of an answer.

“Do you know where Light comes from and where Darkness lives so you can take them by the hand and lead them home when they get lost? Why, of course you know that. You’ve known them all your life, grown up in the same neighborhood with them!

“Have you ever traveled to where snow is made, seen the vault where hail is stockpiled, the arsenals of hail and snow that I keep in readiness for times of trouble and battle and war?

Can you find your way to where lightning is launched, or to the place from which the wind blows?

Who do you suppose carves canyons for the downpours of rain, and charts the route of thunderstorms that bring water to unvisited fields, deserts no one ever lays eyes on, drenching the useless wastelands so they’re carpeted with wildflowers and grass?

And who do you think is the father of rain and dew, the mother of ice and frost?

You don’t for a minute imagine these marvels of weather just happen, do you?

“Can you catch the eye of the beautiful Pleiades sisters, or distract Orion from his hunt? Can you get Venus to look your way,or get the Great Bear and her cubs to come out and play? Do you know the first thing about the sky’s constellations and how they affect things on Earth?

“Can you get the attention of the clouds,and commission a shower of rain? Can you take charge of the lightning bolts and have them report to you for orders?

Truth: God has the answers to all our questions. However, there are some questions that Man can only guess and wonder about the answers. Why, because God alone is God. God made man and everything in this world, and not the other way around. God is not an idea or thought. God is… (That understanding is the beginning of your life of faith that will change your life no matter what storms come in your life.)

Application: Job had certainly suffered many terrible events in his life. The Devil certainly thought he could cause Job to turn away from God. But, just when Job began to question God after Job’s friends try to convince him that God was punishing him for some wrong he had done, God steps in and reminds Job of the power and authority of God in this world. And God reminded him how much He loved him and that God trusted Job to come through the storms that the Devil would throw against him. In the end of the story, and I recommend each family read the remaining chapters of Job’s story, there is a happy ending as Job is blessed by God for coming through the storms as he did.

God does not expect us to be perfect as we face the challenges in this world, just faithful and prayerful – God will do the rest for His name sake, not our sake. All God asks is that you never, never, never quit believing and seeking God’s will, God’s ways, and God’s wisdom to guide and inspire you through the good and bad times in life. He has promised to care for His children for His name’s sake – God is not a liar! God is not one to break His promises to you. God does not promise to remove the storms from our life, but He does promise to deliver us through the storms.

Take it from from your grandfather (aka Poppy) God is an awesome God. When the winds blow, the lightning strikes all around, and the earth even shakes and the water threatens to flood, God will be there for you and He will offer a solid, safe rock to stand upon until the storm passes by. Where there is a prayer of faith, fear cannot survive within your heart. You can be scared about the storm as it threatens you because if you did not have God’s promise in your heart then the Devil will win and fear will defeat your faith.

BUT, you have God and His promise. Know in your heart that God is... and He lives within you, and loves you.

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