The Hope of Humble Eyes and Ears

There always remains a choice to follow?
There always remains a choice to follow?

The Hope of Humble Eyes and Ears

But your eyes are blessed because they do see, and your ears do hear! For I assure you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see the things you see, yet didn’t see them; to hear the things you hear, yet didn’t hear them. Matthew 13:16-17

Blessed are the ears that hear the Lord speak from within and receive consolation from his words.

Blessed are the ears that eagerly listen for the whisper of God’s voice, and filter the voices competing for our attention in this world.

Blessed are the ears that do not listen to the voice that seeks our attention outwardly, but to the truth that teaches inwardly.

Blessed are the eyes that are shut to outward things, but are firmly focused upon inward things.

Blessed are those who enter deep within for internal things, and by daily spiritual exercises prepare themselves more so each day to receive heavenly secrets.

Blessed are those who are glad to have time to spend with God and shake off everything worldly that hinders that invaluable time.

Meditate within on these matters; shut the door to sensual desires and hear what the Lord our God wishes to speak to us. Let go of all temporal things that compete against those things that are eternal.

What are temporal things but seducing snares? What use to us are all the things of value in this world, if we are forsaken by the Creator? Cast off all temporal things and work to please and be faithful to our Creator, so that we will be able to arrive at our desired blessed destination.

We no longer need to seek a prophet or a priest. Without them we can be perfectly instructed by listening to God speak to us daily. Prophets can speak God’s words but they cannot give us the Spirit that God gives us. Their words may be eloquent, but if God’s Word is not in their words, hearts will not receive what the ears hear. They may even teach God’s Word effectively, but we alone open our hearts to hear the message that God has intended for us to hear. They proclaim the mysteries, but God reveals the meaning of the mysteries. They proclaim the commandments, but God enables us to understand the depth of their meaning and to fulfill them. They point the way, but God gives the strength to walk in the way. They can only share outwardly, while God instructs and enlightens us inwardly. They water the surface, but God provides the abundant growth. They cry aloud with spoken words, but God imparts the understanding to the hearing.

Do not seek to merely hear the words spoken; without God speaking to us, the spoken words in this world will be heard but not fulfilled, known but not lived, believed but not observed, and we will not turn to God’s transforming message of truth. Our desire should be that God speaks to us, to our soul, however imperfect, so that our soul will be comforted, and our life amended; God praised, glorified, and honored forever by our response to what He alone reveals to us.

His words are the greatest, surpassing all the learning of the philosophers and the wise of this world. His words are not to be measured by the understanding of humanity. They are not to be brought forth for worthless praise and approval, but to be listened to in silence and received with all humility and great affection. In doing so, all who are instructed by God’s words will never be alone upon the earth. However, the sad truth is most people are more willing to listen to the world rather than to God, and they would rather follow the desires of their own flesh than God’s good pleasure. The world promises things that are temporary and inferior, and it is served with great eagerness. The Lord promises things that are most high and eternal, yet the hearts of people are not receptive.


God reaches out and seeks those who will love and obey him in all things. If we ask why, consider: For little pay many will undertake a long journey, but for everlasting life many will scarcely lift a foot once from the ground! The pitiful reward is sought after; there are sometimes shameful arguments over such a small amount of money, and for something worthless. Then, at the slightest promise of reward, people do not hesitate to work day and night. For an unchangeable good, an inestimable reward, the highest honor, and glory without end, many complain about getting even a little tired. Be ashamed! As a lazy and complaining servant, they are found to be more eager for eternal death than we are for eternal life.

Our eternal hope rests in humble eyes and ears to recognize and receive God’s message each day.

My daily prayer: Lord God, although I read with my eyes and hear with my ears the truths and commands of your Word, I pray your Holy Spirit will open my eyes and ears to truly see and hear with divine inspired understanding your message that comes from your Word. Lord, I realize the shortfall of relying upon my own understanding and even with seeking the explanation and exposition of others. Without your divine inspiration, my efforts to understand will always be filtered by my own human, temporal abilities. Only through your Spirit speaking to my spirit will I be able to walk daily in truth of your Word applied correctly to my life. Thank you, my Lord for dwelling within my heart, counseling, guiding, comforting, and protecting me each and every day. Amen.

For additional reading: Psalm 85:8; 94:12-13; 119:36-37; 119:125; 1 Samuel 3:2-9; Deuteronomy 32:2; Exodus 20:19; Philippians 4:13; John 6:68; John 6:63-64


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