Humility: Surrender of Self

There always remains a choice to follow?
There always remains a choice to follow?

Humility: Surrender of Self

It is of little importance that I should be evaluated by you or by a human court. In fact, I don’t even evaluate myself. For I am not conscious of anything against myself, but I am not justified by this. The one who evaluates me is the Lord. 1 Corinthians 4:3-4

What should it matter what person is for or against us, if we are living faithfully and carefully with God in everything we do? When the Lord is with us, who could possibly stand against us? Should the judgment of others bother us, if we are willing to stand before the Judge of our lives? God alone judges us without prejudice and without any partiality.

If we have a good conscience, then we know that God will defend us, and therefore no one’s perseverance can harm anyone whom God will help. He knows when and how to deliver us, and therefore is most worthy of our submission. It is God’s purpose to help and deliver all from any confusion; to make us more humble. It is even for our benefit according to his will that others should get to experience and rebuke our faults.

When we humble ourselves as the result of our short falls, then we more able to satisfy the rebuke from others and their anger is quickly subdued. For this reason, it is when we humble ourselves that the Lord protects and delivers us, loves and comforts us, gives great grace to us, and after our humiliation raises us to glory. He reveals his secrets to us when we are humble before him, and he sweetly draws and invites us to his presence.


When we are humble before the Lord and we are rebuked by others, we will remain in peace because our rest is from God and not from the world. We should not think that we have made any spiritual progress unless we feel that we are inferior to all others. Our attitude of humility is the surrender of self, not only before the Lord, but also before all others, so that we can never claim any superiority over anyone else. In the eyes of the Lord, we are all equal. We are all imperfect beings seeking to live before God in an imperfect world.

My daily prayer: Lord of heaven and earth, my God and Savior, I pray that you have accepted my confessions when I have stumbled in this life. In the past I have struggled when others have judged and rebuked me, but now I find your good, perfect, and pleasing purpose when others reveal faults in my life. Yet, I do not take offense to their judgment either of my life. I am most of all surrendered to living rightly in your sight alone, because you Lord will protect me and stand by my side against those who seek me harm. Lord, please help me to reveal the humble spirit that pleases you so that my family and others may likewise see the joy and peace that comes from surrendering our “self” to you. Keep me from rebuking rebukes upon my life, and see the good that may come from realizing what others see in me. May my confidence in this life not come from anything I believe about myself, but as a result of the life I live surrendered to you, my Lord and Savior. Amen

For additional reading: Romans 8:31; Psalm 28:7; Job 5:11; Genesis 15:1; James 4:6; Matthew 11:25′ John 6:44

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