Life’s Sufficient Reward

Maybe this is why there's so many Joneses in this world...
Maybe this is why there’s so many Joneses in this world…

Life’s Sufficient Reward

Here is what I have seen to be good: it is appropriate to eat, drink, and experience good in all the labor one does under the sun during the few days of his life God has given him, because that is his reward. God has also given riches and wealth to every man, and He has allowed him to enjoy them, take his reward, and rejoice in his labor. This is a gift of God, for he does not often consider the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with the joy of his heart. Eccl 5:18-20 (HCSB)

One of the causes for man’s problem is his insatiable desire for what he or she deems as the good things in life. We seem to never have enough money buy enough of the latest “stuff” that already saturates our daily life. We seem to never be satisfied with our current relationships, so we are always looking for growing the number of relationships we claim to have. We seem to never be content with our careers and are always looking for something better or different. Even before our latest vacation is over, we already have begun anticipating the next vacation.

Why can’t we just be content? Why do we always feel unsettled, always seeking something more than we already have, our just reward? Funny, even when we get what we want, we still want more. Talk about futility…

However, the good life as God intended it is the life that embraces the fruits of the present. The good life makes the most of what is and not dwells upon what isn’t. It capitalizes on the time, talents, and treasures that exist in the present, finding satisfaction and joy from the who, what, and where of those present opportunities and relationships the good life offers. The good life trusts God to provide the abundant life without all the fuss and stress. God knows best what we can responsibly handle and He blesses us according to our attitude in handling it.

When we focus on what we have rather than upon what we do not have, we discover the real treasures of the good life: contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment. Who knows us better than our Creator? Who loves us more than our Heavenly Father? Why then do we think we can find contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment on our own?

If you are tired of trying to experience a sense of satisfaction in your life; a sense of fulfillment or genuine contentment on your own and your tired of always grasping at the wind, then God offers a solution for you. He says seek me first and I will meet your needs and fill your desires in the life he has planned for you. The journey begins by seeking God’s will, ways, and wisdom. He will reveal the rewards he has for you when you look at your present life as the good life. Once you learn to truly enjoy what you have, God will smile more blessings upon you as you are ready to handle more.

(Note: if only America understood this basic truth, then our economy would not be in the shape it has been and our country would not burdened with so much debt! God, not our government is our hope for a better today and tomorrow.)


Words of Wisdom #232-16EC

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Retired, writing a contemporary mystery series, the Shiloh Mysteries. The first story is titled, "Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories". The sequel is "Testament, An Unexpected Return." The third is due out in Fall 2019, Purgatory, A Progeny's Quest."

2 thoughts on “Life’s Sufficient Reward”

  1. Hello Coach,
    I spoke with a young man recently–More toward middle age, and his life’s goal is to become a billionaire. He has been working since he was 4 years old to attain wealth in dollars, and he gives much to charity, has a beautiful family, and lives with very expensive toys which he feels good about, for with each new company he makes–Some one gets a job. It all made perfect sense to me as I read his book until I asked myself, “Why?” can this be a life’s goal. I give the first answer, that, “It is none of my business,” and then I find a second answer–That I was looking for God in the plan, and as with many of the age–I wasn’t feeling that hunger for what we need inside, “The Holy Spirit,” the nurturing of compassion for all of those with so much less which would haunt me. I make no bones about the fact, I am not a perfect person,” but have we come to a point where making a few of our friends wealth, helping thousands have jobs which, “Pay the bills,” Where is this coming from? My friend and author, Carroll Helm, PhD tries to tell us this is all a part of the building of the Anti-Christ, “New World Order,” which is going to be so dangerous for those without. Look at all societies which have fallen when people began to think it was alright to leave the power and the richies to the few.//Now God did not ask that of us, and certainly being of middle class–I have, “Green Envy,” at times–And then I think of what is Biblical teaching that the rich will be sent, “Empty and Away.” // I believe my friend fully believes he’s provided as much as any of his workers need, though the end truth is the loargest parcel fo money in his hands. I think it is some assurance in life that, “Make it to the untouchable’s club of the billionaire, then there–Start working on the next billion, but along the way–Your picture, “We come out the same way we came in,” makes me wonder if we are not better to appreciate some wealth–But if to create it and to show it are our finest hour–We know longer have to, “Fear a new world order apt to turn away from what God asks of us;” We are living in the middle of it, and beloved friends–All of this money and the earthly kingdoms it has created are apt to pass away. It is going to take a huge amount of courage to believe the next place we believe we will see as Christians is the hour where God ask, “What did you do with all that I gave to you,” and if we answered, “Turned it in to a billion dollars–Believing in what God knew in the first place–“Money becomes evil at some point which we can rationalize–Then laugh off as they may this God fatalism as some call it–We will never been standing before one who shines so brightly that we must cover our eyes in His Holy Presence,” Reaching such a goal with no answer beyond building up our elixir of wealth is apt t bring us to the realization that such a quest is among the easiest for God to call together the world’s richest and to give them a quick tour around the places where the poorest gave up long ago. The riches of this world is a gateway to death for those who had nothing to those who had it all could we abide not understanding that, “We are our brother’s keeper.” Any thoughts? Thanks Coach, Barbara

  2. The pursuit of riches and fame can be the deadly elixir to one’s self and others in one’s life by acts of commission or omission. Wealth and positions of influence are not intrinsically evil. God uses people of all stages and stature of life for his purposes. However, just like self-pity (the disease of the woebegone spirit), the high and mighty spirit is not of God’s spirit. It is a selfish spirit that places one’s desires above their desire to honor God first and foremost in their life. Are we our brother’s keeper? Um? We can share our heart with our “brother” (a fellow saint being tempted away from honoring God first) but we definitely are not our brother’s judge and therefore have no right to condemn him or her. Just as God never turns his back on anyone, neither should we. Barbara, as usual you offer insightful commentary. Thank you. For your friend, Solomon’s story is a tragic story because he became known for his wealth and fame, and the adulation he received from the world led to his downfall as seen by his own son and closest aide fighting and causing the split in the Nation Solomon boasted upon building up. Solomon’s gold and silver he lavished on the Temple and Palace was robbed and toted away. Why put so much emphasis on what one cannot control once the last breath has been taken? Yet what lingers all these centuries later – Solomon’s legacy which many try to make shine, but history reveals a tarnished legacy that lacked the wisdom of God. Had he had it, he would have traded all his wealth for a day of God’s adulation rather than the praises of men.

    God bless.

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