Peace from Humility, Purity and Simplicity

There always remains a choice to follow?
There always remains a choice to follow?

Add to Humility, Purity and Simplicity to Produce Peace

Therefore dear friends, since we have such promises (of God’s covenant relationship), we should wash ourselves clean from every impurity of the flesh and spirit, making our sanctification complete in the fear of God. 2 Corinthians 7:1

What great thing is it to associate with the good and gentle, it certainly pleases all; there peace willingly resides, as everyone is in agreement. However, living at peace with others who are contrary to us and not seeking peace themselves is where great grace resides; such an accomplishment is likewise very commendable and courageous.

The key point is this: We should always strive to keep ourselves at peace inwardly, as well as outwardly with all others, even those who struggle to find peace within their selves or allow others to be in peace. Our hope for genuine peace lies within us. We have the choice and the ability to maintain peace and bring peace to others. No doubt, pursuing and maintaining peace in this life offers constant challenges. There is always a daily dose of adversity that challenges us in our humble efforts, and we must hold fast to our peace and the peace we desire to have with others.

There are two things that lift a person in pursuit of peace from the influence of the world and produce a pleasing life to God: simplicity and purity. Our intentions should be based upon simplicity of thought and purity in feelings. Simplicity clears the clutter between us and God, while purity allows us to understand and enjoy God. Simplicity and purity filter out immoderate feelings and keep out anything that will impede spiritual maturity.

Truly, if we focus solely upon pleasing God, seeking only his will and ways, and likewise the welfare of our neighbors, we will thoroughly enjoy a life of liberty – of peace – in Christ Jesus. With sincerity and truth in our heart, our spiritual eyes will see God’s message in all of his creation. God declares that there is no creature, small or lowly, that does not offer a revelation of his glory and sovereignty. If we have been inwardly good and pure, then we can see and understand God’s revelation clearly. God even declares that a pure heart will penetrate heaven and hell, and have a clear awareness of their reality and relevance. In that light of reality and relevance, as we are inwardly, we will judge ourselves and others outwardly.


If there is joy in this world, the pure of heart will find it and possess it. If there is tribulation and anxiety, those of an evil conscience will experience it and live it. In the same manner as the iron-smith purifies his iron from the rust in the fire, so too we are transformed into a new creation, if we seek to turn ourselves over to God. In that process of purification, we should be aware that while the revealing of our old is being burnt away as the rust from the pure iron, we are likely to grow afraid and seek old comforts. But when we stand fast and the process is allowed to continue we will find ourselves perfectly and courageously seeking the ways pleasing to God. We will know because the light of God will draw us, not frighten us as before the process began.

When we complete the process of transformation we come to the point as a new creation before God that we discover the fruit of purity leads to simplicity in our life, which produces a peace that surpasses all understanding. All fear is gone; joy and contentment reside where any fear once held its grip upon our lives.

My daily prayer: Heavenly Father, gracious Lord and Savior, hear my prayer this day that asks that you not give up on me. Please help me to stand fast in the purification process of my life. I desire that all fear in my life be removed along with anything from this world that has tried to cling to my life as I have come to know and seek you. I realize there is no room for compromise in a life that chooses to follow you my Lord. I must deny ALL of myself and open ALL of my heart, mind, soul and strength to your will, ways, and wisdom in my life. Then and only then will I enjoy the peace I desire that comes from a life of purity and simplicity. Father, please help me not for my sake but for your name sake, and for the sake of my family and those you have placed before me as my neighbors. May I not only know what it means to live for and in Christ, but also to be a life for and in Christ that others will desire for themselves. Thank you Lord for not giving up on me. Amen

For additional reading: Romans 1:20; 8:16-17; 8:37; Proverbs 3:3-4; Psalm 119.100; 2 Corinthians 5:17; John 15:14; James 2:5; Titus 1:15

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