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For book lovers of contemporary Southern mysteries, Sanctuary offers several excellent opportunities to get your own copy for your reading pleasure.

Another fantastic review received. And, if you are a Kindle Unlimited member you can get this memorable Southern mystery for free too! Of course, for those who still love to read and save the printed copy, it’s available by ordering online at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, or through your local bookstore by request if it already isn’t on the shelf.

For a limited time, you can order your signed copy of Sanctuary by contacting me if you are unable to visit me at one of my many book signing events throughout the South. Just comment leaving your contact information and I’ll send you a personalized, autographed copy postage free for $18.95.

Here’s another great reason to get your copy of SANCTUARY: Through May 18th, book sales benefit either Coweta Pregnancy Services in Newnan, GA or Harmony House Domestic Violence Shelter in Lagrange, GA. Once you read the book you’ll have a greater appreciation for why I desired to support these worthy, life-changing organizations.

Once you read your copy, please submit your review too! 

Sanctuary by T.M. Brown

Sanctuary by [Brown, T.M.]

Sanctuary introduces newly retired publishing executive, Theo Phillips, and his wife, Liddy, to the time-lost South Georgia town of Shiloh. They leave the shadows of Atlanta and move into a quaint home of notoriety. While making new friends, they discover twenty-first-century challenges threaten the town’s laid-back lifestyle. Theo’s interest in a memorial launches him into investigating tragic events that have left Shiloh unsettled. Theo and Liddy’s retirement dreams take a turn that could unravel both them and the idyllic life they and many others look for in Shiloh.  (Summary via Amazon)

[Sanctuary] is a story about a husband and wife, Theo and Liddy, who move to a small town and become a part of something greater than they ever could have imagined.  As soon as they arrive, they are drawn to a statue of a young man in the Town Square.  Curiosity and Theo’s journalistic background draw him to this statute and its background.  As soon as he learns there are unanswered questions regarding the statute, the old City Hall building and a group of kids they’ve met, Theo digs in to learn what he can.

Shiloh is a town you want to live in, you want to have neighbors like Theo and Liddy and you want to have friends just like they have.  In Shiloh everybody knows everything, people help others even if they are strangers, and there’s a calm throughout the town.

Theo and Liddy fit right in immediately.  They are soon involved in the church, Theo is going to write some articles for the local paper, and they even have Thanksgiving with the Mayor.  They are making friends fast and getting involved in everything but is it going to be too much?  As Theo digs into the fire that burned down the old City Hall building that killed Jesse, will the outcome spark new flames?

I LOVED Sanctuary by T, M. Brown and I highly encourage you to read it !!!  I am even going to help you out by providing you with a list of the characters.  As you will see with some of the names, you can become confused very quickly….. AND I don’t want that to prevent you from reading the AMAZING story……

Review by Missi S.

Have you grabbed your copy? In Newnan, GA it’s available at Corner Arts Gallery on the Square.
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Retired, writing a contemporary mystery series, the Shiloh Mysteries. The first story is titled, "Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories". The sequel is "Testament, An Unexpected Return." The third is due out in Fall 2019, Purgatory, A Progeny's Quest."

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