Sanctuary Resides at the End of the Story





Sanctuary Resides at the End of the Story

In Chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation, God defines a Sanctuary.

The foundations of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone; the first foundation jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald, the fifth sardonyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, the twelfth amethyst. The 12 gates are 12 pearls; each gate made of a single pearl. The broad street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. I did not see a sanctuary in it because the Lord God the Almighty is its sanctuary. 

What defines a sanctuary? Is it what people take pride in – their wealth in gold and precious stones? However, God declares such things will be nothing more than building materials where he resides? The most valuable thing will be who not what is revered. There the Lord’s light surrounds those who seek sanctuary in him (a clear metaphor for the revelation of wisdom and truth).

Where do you invest your hope in life? Where do you invest your time and energy? Your retirement portfolio might be the envy of your peers, but what good is your grand portfolio at the end of your days?

Unlike Disney and Universal Studios where fantasies are promised to come true, there is a cost to enter their gates. However, God’s sanctuary requires only an affirming, sincere smile to enter and discover God’s invaluable, immeasurable grace.

What is the focus of your life? What relationships are more important, financial or spiritual ones? Remember, Jesus declared, You cannot serve God and money equally? One will influence your interest in the other.


This message rests within the pages of Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories. Discover how the notion of Sanctuary galvanized the folks in lil’ ol’ Shiloh after Theo Phillips arrives in town and sheds light upon the dark secrets, scandal, and tragedy for all to confront.

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Retired, writing a contemporary mystery series, the Shiloh Mysteries. The first story is titled, "Sanctuary, A Legacy of Memories". The sequel is "Testament, An Unexpected Return." The third is due out in Fall 2019, Purgatory, A Progeny's Quest."

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  1. Shared from a longtime online friend…This is so well written coach, and the truth of it is astounding. In my own faith, I see this as why Seminaries which served hundreds have realized that the one who separates themselves is serving a master within themselves. We must get away from shutting others out since our relationships and friendships are what God has given to us. At no point did Christ order the Apostles to go out into the world and to be alone–His words were, “Go ye and preach the gospels every one of you.” “What you do unto another, “You have also done unto me.” We are a lonely people, and I see the need to awaken and to know that we all have jobs to me. Sanctuary is a remarkable word, for when we know of a Sanctuary, then it is hopefully a place where protection is given, and all is shared–The nets are overflowing in the Sanctuary of the fishermen is the boat of miracles when Jesus shared the miracle of walking upon the waters. I love your book’s title of, “Sanctuary,”.– i hid behind my own fear, and I know that a merciful Father helped me through getting, “Pinkhoneysuckle,” to tell the sisters of my past that fear was keeping me and them from standing up and saying that lack of humility has been inflicted up on us as shame. We protected other’s from having to admit they sacrificed women and girls from moving in to the Sanctuary and shelter all for the sake of appearances. You inspire us to reach in, to humble our hearts and in that open Sanctuary where all are welcome no one must stand alone. Pure and lovely; Here us Almighty God, and from our sealed lips–Let us climb up and never fear those who shame us from their false towers of confidence.

    Gracious love be your guide.

    Your book will whisper love in so many ways

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