Sin Fuels the Fires of Judgment

There always remains a choice to follow?
There always remains a choice to follow?

Sin Fuels the Fires of Judgment

No creature is hidden from Him, but all things are naked and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account. Hebrews 4:13

The fuel that feeds the fire of hell we fear is sin. Sinners – those who live in opposition of God’s will and ways – spare their fleshly desires in this world and are storing up fuel for the fires of judgment. Thus, now is the time to repent of our sins, so that when judgment day comes we will stand secure with the company of those approved by God. It is then the righteous will stand with great boldness against those who afflicted and oppressed them; the righteous will serve as witnesses against those who tormented them in this life. Then the poor and humble will have bold confidence found in Christ, but the proud will be surrounded and seized by fear. It will then also become obvious that the truly wise were those who learned to be foolish and despised for Christ, and His gospel message. Every affliction that was patiently endured will be a delight. The devout will rejoice and the profane mourn.

Therefore we should walk everyday with the judgment seat of God in view? Likewise, with every step each day, we should recognize nothing is hidden from him; keep in view that this life will someday end and we will have to stand before God to give an account of our thoughts, words, and deeds? We should be equally mindful that it is not our thoughts, works and words offered to him that will be judged as righteous or just, but the motives that launch them? God will hold us accountable for every thought, every word and every work to identify our heart’s and soul’s desires. Ultimately, he will know all our sins.

However, how many of us look at others and judge their motives to deflect attention from our own shortfalls and selfish motives in our lives?

In life, God wants to teach us: our labor is profitable, our tears acceptable, our groans are heard and our grief is satisfying and purifying. Thus, forgiveness through Christ for our sins should help us forgive ourselves and others, rather than condemn ourselves and others. Be patient to receive a great and wholesome cleansing. Be filled with the compassion of Christ who alone can bring our entire body into submission to the pleasing, perfect and good will of God. Thus we should seek his forgiveness now rather than carry our burden before Christ beyond this life. We should not enter his presence with our Soul In Neglect (SIN) – our soul will always testify truthfully when we stand before God!


My daily prayer: Lord Jesus, I am ready to recognize my shortfalls and the errors of my ways, and I pray for your forgiveness and your prodding of my soul to walk in ways that are pleasing to God the Father, so that on that day you will stand alongside and defend me before God the Father, who will preside as judge. Lord, I know very well there are no secrets from you, and you have your Spirit searching my soul and heart to uncover my motives and desires. Lord, I pray that if you find anything in me that is not pleasing to you that you will prick my heart and soul so I might seek to change by seeking your help. Lord do not allow me to be stumbling block, but a stepping stone for others, so they may see you through me. Help me to be the kind of father, husband, son, and brother that you desire me to be so I might honor and praise you and the Father. May others seek you and not run from you because of my life. Thank you, my Lord and Savior for loving and caring for me, even when I have stumbled, You have shown your mercy and goodness through your forgiveness. Amen.


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