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The abandoned mansion outside of Shiloh found in Chapter One.
















Go to:  https://coachbrownorg.wordpress.com

Creating a separate author web page for my Shiloh stories. SANCTUARY is the premier book, March 2017 release by Deeds Publishing, Athens, GA. TESTAMENT is the first of the sequels, Fall 2017 release.

More news about the book launch is forthcoming…

T M “Mike” Brown, aka Coach Brown


About Coach

Retired, writing contemporary mystery series, Shiloh Saga. The first story is titled, "Jessie's Story".
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3 Responses to T M “Mike” Brown, Author Page

  1. Sounds exciting. I can hardly wait!

  2. Maria E Rodriguez says:

    Can’t wait for book signing on Saturday April 8th 10am_2pm at Rooms U Love in Sparta Ga.

  3. Coach says:

    See you bright and early Saturday morning with lots of books. Mike

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