Family Inspires My Shiloh Series of Southern Mysteries

Brannon 2008 Christmas Singing

The Source of My Inspiration – Family!

Click the link above for a brief video of one of my family memories – a gift from my grandson a few years ago.




Family memories inspire the most believable stories that connect with readers!

T. M. Brown, Southern & Inspirational Author

Folks have asked about my Christmas in Shiloh backstory timeline and how family plays such a key role in the story of Sanctuary. Here’s a kernel of inspiration that came from one of my grandsons performing in front of the Christmas tree when he was but five. These are the moments to be treasured and worthy of inclusion in my stories of Theo and Liddy Phillips overcoming their fears as they unravel mysteries in Shiloh. Their love of family is the fiber that binds their courage as they confront scandals and uncover dark secrets in their new small-town community.

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