Faith Breaks the Yoke of Our Burdens

The beast of burden is not free from the yoke until their master releases them.
The beast of burden is not free from the yoke until its master releases them.

Faith Breaks the Yoke of Our Burdens

On that day his burden will fall from your shoulders, and his yoke from your neck. The yoke will be broken because of [his] fatness. Assyria has come to Aiath and has gone through Migron, storing his equipment at Michmash. They crossed over at the ford, saying, “We will spend the night at Geba.” The people of Ramah are trembling; those at Gibeah of Saul have fled! Today he will stand at Nob, shaking his fist at the mountain of Daughter Zion, the hill of Jerusalem. Look, the Lord God of Hosts will chop off the branches with terrifying power, and the tall [trees] will be cut down, the high [trees] felled. He is clearing the thickets of the forest with an ax, and Lebanon with its majesty will fall. Isaiah 10:27-34 (HCSB)

This passage is about the historically accurate period in the history of Judah when the Assyrians had wreaked havoc on the lands of Judah and were fast approaching Zion, the mountain upon which Jerusalem rests. God had used the Assyrians to exact judgment upon the arrogance of his people who began to worship other gods and exalted themselves in their minds with allegiances of their making rather than cling to the faith in their Lord God who promised to preserve and protect them. Though a remnant survived as God promised in the lands north of Judah in Samaria – northern tribes of Israel – the threat of devastation and destruction caused fear to spread in the remaining southern tribal region in Judah. However, when their capital and sacred city of Jerusalem found itself at risk, the Lord lifted the burden his people feared. It fell upon the arrogant and prideful, disobedient Assyrians. The Lord placed himself between the Assyrians armies and the walls of Jerusalem, and he cut down the army that surrounded the city while the people trembled inside the city of Jerusalem.

God used Isaiah as his messenger to change Hezekiah’s heart back to the Lord. As a result, Jerusalem was saved from God’s wrath because their hearts recognized that the Lord was true to his word. We too should realize that in the face of the various trials, tests, and periods of tribulation we will face in life, the Lord never forsakes or leaves us. As long as we stand firm in our faith, we will witness the Lord’s loving-kindness and mercy through all of our difficult times. Our faith will break the yoke of all our burdens.

How is your faith today? Do you turn to the Lord in tough times, or do you seek to flee by your own efforts or worse yet fight against your adversaries through your own resources and short-sighted schemes that are certain to fail. How can we know what is the right thing to do? Invest daily seeking God’s will, ways, and wisdom searching God’s Word. You will undoubtedly learn how to stand firm in your faith and how to face your fears by allowing God to release the yoke of your burdens.

We all may mess up in life at one time or another and the consequences will pursue us, but those who recognize the errors of their ways and turn to the Lord will be saved. That is a promise found over and over in God’s Word.