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Avoid Conflict at the Crossroads

Who is willing to serve God seeking nothing in return? Is that not what God’s love with us reveals? …It is rare that anyone becomes so spiritually disciplined that they willingly release their “white knuckle grasp” upon their worldly treasures.

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Different Routes, Same Destination, Not Same Destiny

God introduces us into this world with the same opportunities to experience, learn and mature, because God loves each of us equally and without partiality. God even perseveres through the folly of our choices that define our routes along the journey of life, because God desires all of us to experience and understand the high price for selfish behaviors.

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Choices and Consequences

How many times have your heard, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!”? It is most commonly heard among those floating in and out of fad diets. Once any of us resign ourselves to not being able to stay committed to eating and living healthy, we not only jump off the wagon with a whoop and holler, we rush the wagon right off the nearest cliff and feast upon our true desires without and further guilt.

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Run! Poppa’s Mad Again

Just like the people of Israel and Judah, we too are subject to the same dangerous and destructive acts of jealousy, pride and arrogance. Those selfish acts still seek to turn our hearts from God’s will, ways, and wisdom.

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