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Seek God Before Life Fades

Many, if not most, mature their faith (in God) as they grow beyond mere blind acceptance to a maturing, questioning of what and why we believe about God. However, each of us experiences a desire to connect with our Creator.

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Expectation, Not Anticipation

Those who have been faithful and obedient have lived in expectation, not anticipation. The faithful have chosen to live each day with a purpose, seeking to grow in obedience to God’s will, ways, and wisdom, because not only does that please God, others may be watching so that their yearning heart yearns might be filled with what we have.

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Evil Happens to the Best of Us

Evil’s broad net entraps the best of man along with the least of us equally. When it is evil’s time to spring upon us, there is nothing but a our faith to deliver us from the foreboding times of tribulation that evil intends to put its through. Only an unshakable faith in God’s goodness can protect and thwart evil’s diabolical plans that can cause even the most prepared soul to stumble.

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When I Choose for Myself, Loneliness Thrives

Why do so many rich and famous people resort to lifestyles that are so destructive, risking all they have? Even the great Solomon discovered his insatiable desires nurtured the loneliness he found himself surrounded by – his concubines failed to satisfy his desire for true love; all his servants could not offer him true friendship; and his enumerable slaves were not a replacement for family.

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Faith Breaks the Yoke of Our Burdens

As long as we stand firm in our faith, we will witness the Lord’s loving-kindness and mercy through all of our difficult times. Our faith will break the yoke of all our burdens.

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