Why do Brothers and Sisters Fight?

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Title: Why do Brothers and Sisters Fight?

Genesis 4:1-10 (The Message)

Adam slept with Eve his wife. She conceived and had Cain. She said, “I’ve gotten a man, with God’s help!” Then she had another baby, Abel.

Abel was a herdsman and Cain a farmer.

Time passed.

Cain brought an offering to God from the produce of his farm. Abel also brought an offering, but from the firstborn animals of his herd, choice cuts of meat.

God liked Abel and his offering, but Cain and his offering didn’t get his approval.

Cain lost his temper and went into a sulk (pouted and was sad).

God spoke to Cain: “Why this tantrum? Why the sulking? If you do well, won’t you be accepted? And if you don’t do well, sin is lying in wait for you, ready to pounce; it’s out to get you, you’ve got to master it.”

Cain had words with his brother. They were out in the field; Cain came at Abel his brother and killed him.

God said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?”

He said, “How should I know? Am I his babysitter?”

God said, “What have you done! The voice of your brother’s blood is calling to me from the ground.

Truth: Look to please God and your parents. Do not try to be like your brothers or sisters. We are all different and have special talents and gifts. You should be pleased if your brothers or sisters do well, even if this time you did not do as well as them. Anger is the enemy of love in the family.

Thoughts: Right after Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, God blessed them with their first two children, Cain and Abel. Both were very different in what they were good at doing. Cain was the farmer of the crops in the fields and Abel was a farmer of the animals. However, Cain became jealous of Abel because he was doing something different than Cain and God was seemingly more pleased with Abel and his efforts. Cain wanted God to tell him the same thing but rather than work harder at being a farmer of the crops in the field, Cain got angry at Abel and his anger caused a fight that sadly killed Abel. God, our heavenly Father, came to Cain and asked Cain what happened, but Cain would not admit to his anger and what he had done wrong. So God told him you cannot hide the evidence of your actions against your brother. And then God said to Cain, “You have acted wrong against your brother, your parents, and against the love I have for you, and you will be punished.” Then, God sent Cain away from his family. God would continue to protect Cain from harm, but would no longer allow him to be with his family.

Why do brothers and sisters fight with each other?

Do you ever get jealous of what they are doing?

Do you want to get the attention they may be getting from mom and dad?

If your brother or sister is playing with a toy and they seem to be having fun, do you ever get jealous and want that toy to play with, but all you do is cause a fight when you try to get it from your brother or sister?

When we get selfish – only worry about ourselves and not the good of others – God’s love is not being shared in us. In God’s eyes, you, your brothers and sisters and your mommy and daddy are all special to God. Sometimes because of something we say or do we may get extra attention from our family, but that does not make you more special than your brothers or sisters. Never try to be like your brothers or sisters, or special friends you know. You can be happy for them because they can do some things really well, but you too are special. Always try your best and know you are special too. God loves you as you are! It never pays to get angry, because so many other people get hurt by your anger. Share God’s love and every one will smile at you.

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