The Nations Forgot Who Made Them Possible

Jerusalem todayThe Nations Forgot Who Made Them Possible

Ah! The roar of many peoples – they roar like the roaring of the seas. The raging of the nations –they rage like the raging of mighty waters. The nations rage like the raging of many waters. He rebukes them, and they flee far away, driven before the wind like chaff on the hills and like dead thistles before a gale. In the evening – sudden terror! Before morning – it is gone! This is the fate of those who plunder us and the lot of those who ravage us. Isaiah 17:12-14 (HCSB)

Is there anything that happens in this world that God is unaware or somehow behind the cause? Even the sins of this world he abhors, he allows because sin is by its very nature a product of the free-will choices that God has allowed us to exercise.

Even the rise of every nation, great or small, is as a result of God’s hand for his eternal purposes. All nations exist because God allows them to exist. Yet consider all the many nations that have come and gone over the course of history. Which of the great nations has survived the test of time? Rome fell to its enemies after 1000 years of existence. Egypt today is not the Ancient Egypt that became one of the earliest cradles of civilization along the Nile River. Ancient Egypt as a nation of pharaohs lasted about 2,000 years before it became the victim and slave of other conquering nations. China has the longest claim in history, but it has not gone unscathed in history either. Modern China has little connection to the original dynasties. Then there is America, fore sure an infant in comparison – 1776 to 2015 is but 239 short infant years! We are still trying to determine who our identity and the shape of our destiny and our nation’s legacy in history. In Europe – England, France, Spain and Germany are all infants as well. England and France are the oldest nations yet still youthful at an age of 700-800 years old a piece. Germany is still trying to figure out who they are as a nation. They only attempted to become a unified nation 150 years or so ago, but has been in constant turmoil and conflict ever since.

And, then there is Israel. Israel today is not the Israel we know from the biblical account. Modern Israel is man’s attempt to reconcile all the harm done to Jews over the many centuries. England set aside Palestine lands they controlled and gave it to the Israelites as an appeasement offering 60 years ago. Of course, the residents of those lands have been fighting with the Jewish immigrants of the lands ever since. Interesting historical fact, the Jews were exiled twice in history from the promised land and the great city of Jerusalem. First, in the sixth century BC and then between 70 and 134 AD as the same time as the Christian church was being established. 

We believe in the Christian community that somehow the Jews must be in place before the Rapture can take place. But it begs the question: What is our motive for the establishment of the modern Israel and our defiant defense of their right to occupy the land? Is it God’s will or our interests somehow we are serving? Will this effort only ignite the next cataclysmic war to break out in that part of the world where occupants battle over the religious rights of Jews, Christians and Muslims? Does that seem like God’s will, God’s ways, and God’s wisdom according to God’s Word?

A quick note, the Muslim nations are all Johnny-come-lately nations in the history of nations. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. are young nations inhabited by people with roots that extend hundreds of years, even thousands of years. Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers of Islam, which only dates back to the seventh century AD. The idea that Islam is a nation is false, although in a broader religious sense, like there is a Christian Nation, the idea is cherished as a sign of the end times. However, Islam suffers from the same divisiveness and diversity of internal belief differences as do all major world religions.

Nations have roared and shown their teeth and claws throughout the millennia of mankind, but none have existed without the consent of God. Their actions have been blessed or cursed by God, as history attests. Once one nation rises up and claims greatness, choosing to exert their own will, walk their own ways, and guide themselves by their own wisdom WATCH OUT! History declares God will silence and humble the roar of any belligerent, self-serving mighty nation. Think about it!

Before we rally around our swords, guns and armies, we should prayerfully ask, what is our real motive. Whose interests are we serving? Our national interests or God’s? Are our actions spurred on by fear or faith?

Who or what is the only constant throughout the history of nations? Who created the nations of the world and who will be collecting the ashes left behind when history runs its course? Will heaven be a haven for nations or God’s faithful people?


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