Words of Wisdom: The Easy Way is not the Right Way! Proverbs 28:19-22

TwoRoadsWords of Wisdom: The Easy Way is not the Right Way! Proverbs 28:19-22

The one who works his land will have plenty of food, but whoever chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty. A faithful man will have many blessings, but one in a hurry to get rich will not go unpunished. It is not good to show partiality – yet a man may sin for a piece of bread. A greedy man is in a hurry for wealth; he doesn’t know that poverty will come to him. Prov 28:19-22 (HCSB)

Throughout life there will be many crossroads where a decision will have to be made. But before one should make a decision about which way to go, one must consider carefully what he or she sees down that road. If the road appears too wide and easy to travel, and free of any uphill stretches, beware! If the road appears to reveal the destination you are seeking is shorter and easier to reach – take care before choosing the path. Look closer at the other road choice. Does it seem like the pathway is narrower and there are some evident uphill and downhill stretches with some curves that blind you of the final destination. Does it seem like the longer route to take? Beware! Appearances are often deceiving in life. Are you looking at the choices through your selfish eyes? Do you only desire the easier route? Are you afraid a little effort will make the destination not worth it? What should you do before proceeding to choose your way? Should you wait and see what everyone is doing? Should you follow the crowd? Certainly that would justify a right decision, right?

Making life-altering spiritual decisions is not a popularity proposition. Life is not about looking at the latest public opinion poll to make a decision. Success and its rewards come when a task or journey has been accomplished with right thinking at the right times, making right choices to realize right consequences. But how do I know when I am acting rightly? There is but one right way and that is God’s way! All other ways are man’s ways. To discover the right ways take the time to seek God’s will, God’s ways, and God’s wisdom according to God’s Word at all the cross roads in life. He will guide you by giving you clarity between the choices.

With spiritually inspired eyes, the easier path, the one where so many are traveling because it appears there are no obstacles and uphill climbs to get the destination, now comes into focus. What you are not allowed to see is the chasm just down the wide pathway that swallows everyone up before they ever reach the destination on the other side that no one ever really reaches. And on the narrow winding and bending pathway, you are just able to see that behind that last stretch of the road there is the Lord pointing the way and encouraging you towards the destination you really seek. It may take more effort but His encouragement inspires you to reach the final reward that is right around the corner.

Note: even a wide highway can get too crowded and accidents occur as too many people race to their destinations. Like the interstate highways, there are always people racing in and out risking the safety of others because they are in a hurry, and that’s when innocent people are killed and others injured and the wide highway becomes a cluttered parking lot. That is why sometimes it is best to take the more scenic but slower route to your destination – you will have the opportunity to see rewarding sights and learn something about life as you follow the narrower, less traveled road that the Lord desires for you to travel.


“Enter through the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the road is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who go through it. How narrow is the gate and difficult the road that leads to life, and few find it.” Matt 7:13-14 (HCSB)

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